About Us

The IEEE Student Professional Awareness Conference (SPAC) is an annual formal dinner event which serves respected professionals to get engaged with engineering and computer science students within their fields. SPAC provides students, academics, and industry professionals, a chance to network and bridge the gap between classrooms and boardrooms, empowering its attendees to build professional connections. Hosted in 1979 for the first time, SPAC has manifested itself as an event where future professionals get exposure to the world of professionalism which complements their vocational education.

Why join us






Main Stage

Spot for speakers and
event kickoff

Speed Dating

Quick private one to one convos
with students in your discipline

Exclusive Masterclass

Stand alone event to reach
out, showcase and finesse


Concurrently run, where you show
students what you're all about


Where you can give insight
on the industry and inspire


Where students can drop in for a
chitchat with your company



Partner Patron

Gold Patron

Silver Patron

Frequently Asked Questions

SPAC is going virtual this year via Hopin. The link will be sent after registration.

A tutorial is available through our Discord server.

Send your question on the Tech Support channel on Discord.

It’s always a good idea to have your mic and camera on when Speed Dating, or networking. During Panels and Masterclasses, we ask that you mute your mic and turn off your camera.

Up to you!

Send your question on the Q&A channel on Discord, we’ll ask them for you!